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Brett Wellman


Brett grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, moving to Calgary in 2009 to pursue a career in Oil & Gas. Graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Edwards School of Business in 2009 with honours in accounting, he went on to complete his Strategic Management Program and receive his Certified Management Account Designation, now Chartered Professional Accountants. From 2009 through 2015 he worked in the oil trading sector with Tervita Energy Marketing, helping a small ~10 man team grow from $15 million profit to $75 million profit.

Today Brett leads Purpose Realty's Calgary team and is RealPro Coaching Certified. He enjoys his passion serving others in real estate, as well as non-profits, and volunteering. His life is built on a foundation of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of the Bible. Brett believes the historical, scientific, and philosophic evidence that the Bible is true, is overwhelming. While he doesn't force these views on others; feel free to question him in this area, as it is his favourite topic of conversation. In addition to accountability to his clients, the real estate board, the CPA board, know that he considers everything he does accountable to God.

In his free time Brett enjoys meaningful friendships, playing sports, the outdoors, or a nice glass of wine.

Brett Wellman
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