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Why use a REALTOR®?

You trust your car with a mechanic, and your teeth with a dentist. Likewise, you should trust a REALTOR® with potentially your biggest purchase ever or your company's needs. Why? Because no matter how smart you are, you won't be as good as someone who does it 24/7. Your needs always come first, and we promise that when you put your trust in us, you won't be disappointed. 


How does the giving work?

The client enters into a written service agreement and on close of a transaction, the donation portion of the commission funds are transferred to the chosen partner charity. 

How can you give so much? 

Our network is compromised of giving people. We give 10% gross or more from each commission cheque to charity. After real estate expenses, this results in 50% or more of Purpose Realty's profits to charity. 

Can you provide an example of how much goes to charity?

If a commission was $10,000 plus GST, a minimum of 10% or $1,000 would go to charity. 

Are commissions negotiable?

Yes certainly, however we select top agents to provide exceptional service to our clients. We encourage our affiliates to spare no expense when handling your needs. Likewise, we expect our clients to value high quality service.

Can the incentive go to any CRA registered charity?

No, we have partnered with a number of charities that clients can choose from at the beginning of the real estate process. We continue to evaluate charities in great detail, and are accepting applications for Feature Charities.

What if there's no partner agent in my location?

We are committed to finding a partner agent for you. Let us strategically vet and test the expertise of potential agents in your area. 

What are examples of costs an agent may incurr?

Document fees, listing fees, vehicle expenses, measurement fees, client gifts, photography, floor plans, brokerage fees, referral fees, advertising costs, real estate association fees, taxes, etc. 

I have more real estate questions.

Please contact us with any question you may have!

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