Charity Requirements

Tier 1 Charities

Purpose Realty has active full time real estate agents. Each agent gives a minimum of 20% of their gross commissions on every single real estate transaction to charity through Purpose Realty real estate brokerage. At an organizational level, this is greater than 50% of our net profits. Agents do not have a preferred charity, and they will help guide the client’s “donation portion” to a charity they are passionate about on the Tier 1 Charity list. Tier 1 Charities are organizations who are committed to promoting the services of Purpose Realty to raise more funds for their organization and to further the benevolent vision of Purpose Realty.  Any client that hears about Purpose Realty from a Tier 1 Charity will automatically have those donations directed back to that charity. 

Tier 1 Charity Requirements

1. Visible landing page on the Charity website.

Tier 1 charities have a page on their website dedicated to Purpose Realty. The page will have an explanation of what Purpose Realty does, a call to action, and an information caption form for interested parties. Purpose Realty will assist with the design, verbiage, and capture form.


2. Incorporation into all Charity electronic newsletters.

Tier 1 charities have a dedicated spot on all outbound charity newsletter templates. These spots may be smaller in size, but create top of mind awareness to charity supporters. The verbiage will have a built-in hyperlink to the charity landing page. Purpose Realty can assist with the design, verbiage, and hyperlinking built into the charity newsletter templates.


3. At least one specific newsletter highlighting Purpose Realty annually.

Tier 1 charities must send at least one dedicated newsletter annually that exclusively highlights Purpose Realty, or where the first item of the newsletter is Purpose Realty. The purpose of the article is to inspire the charity supporters to consider using Purpose Realty, and creating awareness that such a philanthropic entity exists to support the entity they already know and love. Purpose Realty can assist with the design and verbiage of said article.


4. Share each success story.

When a Tier 1 charities receives a donation, it is an exciting time! Purpose Realty clients may consent to having their picture taken beside a large donation cheque to the charity. This is a unique opportunity to highlight a story of how the person or people involved used their real estate need to make a difference through Purpose Realty. These success stories can be shared via social media, electronic, or printed newsletter. Purpose Realty can assist with the design and verbiage of the success story.


Disclaimer: Not all charities can simply implement each of the above items without approval of management, and in many cases the charitable board. Our goal is to have partnership throughout each level of a Tier 1 partner’s organization. If any of the requirements do not fit the parameters of a specific charity, then we would request a counter proposal be made that generates significant awareness of the opportunity in Purpose Realty.

Other Significant Ways to Create Awareness

  • Share with your sphere of influence – word of mouth is still the most powerful tool in the real estate world.

  • Offer reminders of your partnership with Purpose Realty at organizational meetings to ensure everyone within the organization is aware of this opportunity. 

  • Add a Purpose Realty caption to all outbound charity email signatures – This one item is the easiest thing that can be done to create awareness. Create it, Set it, and Forget it! 

    • Ex) “Purpose Realty is committed to donating to us over 50% of their net profits!  Please help us by considering Purpose Realty for all your Real Estate needs!”

  • Regularly share on social media

  • Share with your staff to create brand ambassadors

  • Share at live donor events – And invite us to setup a booth!

  • Take a portion of Purpose Realty donation proceeds and reinvest into marketing efforts – social media, swag give-a-ways, fridge magnets, calendars, etc.


Tier 2 Charities

Tier 2 Charities will receive all the same support and opportunities as Tier 1 charities. However, Tier 2 charities have not committed to the 4 requirements, and do not receive the benefit of being on the exclusive list of charities for clients to choose from when they do not already have a preferred charity. 

However, each client that hears about Purpose Realty from a tier 2 charity, the donation will still be donated back to that charity.

Tier 2 Charity Requirements

Our only requirement to be tier 2 approved is that the CEO of Purpose Realty approves the application.


Our goal with each of our partner organizations is to build a longstanding relationship whereby Purpose Realty becomes a significant means of fundraising for each organization. We hope to bless and help as many people as possible through our combined efforts!